Jockey Polo Style Beanie Helmets

Tired of that mushroom head look? If you want that low-profile, non-bulky look without compromising on safety, you're at the right place! Jockey Polo Style DOT Motorcycle Helmet from is the world's smallest DOT polo helmet. Made with advanced thermo-poly ABS, our jockey motorcycle helmets weigh 620g±30g. That's super lightweight, same as a bottle of water only much stronger! Your neck will thank you. We use a new and advanced designed mesh lining with moisture-wicking fabric that keeps your head cooler and cozy. The compact design provides a sleek and contoured shell that sits low on your head. When you consider fit, comfort, freedom, and all the safety you get with this jockey motorcycle helmet, it's a winner! So basically, yes, our DOT polo motorcycle helmets are good-looking without sacrificing comfort or safety for looks.

Motorcycle riders lovin' our DOT polo motorcycle helmets. Whether you are riding a cafe racer or a dirt bike, our helmets will fit perfectly. Order yours before it's gone!

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